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Is frosted glass expensive? How do you make windows look like frosted glass? Is window frosting permanent?
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Is frosted glass expensive? How do you make windows look like frosted glass? Is window frosting permanent?

Oct 2, 2022

Whether you want to protect sensitive information in your office or you are tired of people peeping in while you’re trying to enjoy a nice bath at home, you could likely benefit very much from frosted glass. That said, replacing your windows entirely seems like a bit much in favour of privacy, so what are the alternatives? Is there a way to make your existing windows look like frosted glass? If so, is it a permanent solution or can you reverse it without having to replace the windows? 

In this article, we’re going to explore window frosting in greater depth. By the end of this article, you should know whether buying frosted glass is the way forward or if there’s an easier and more affordable alternative that can deliver the very same results. Here’s everything you need to know…

What is frosted glass? 

Frosted glass is a window type that has been altered with either an opaque layer inside or a fully frosted texture throughout. This is a permanent modification of the glass that cannot be reversed. 

Frosted glass is most commonly used for privacy windows, particularly in bathrooms – however, it can also be used for decorative purposes as well. 

How do you make windows look like frosted glass?

Without replacing your existing windows entirely with frosted windows, the only alternative is to have them frosted. Frosting your windows is a relatively straightforward process and can be done with frosted window film.  

A frosted window film is a type of window covering solution that is layered onto the glass surface itself – both for privacy and decorative reasons. 

Frosted window film will prevent people both outside and inside from seeing through it – thus proving the ultimate level of privacy and security. 

Is frosted glass expensive?

So, is frosted glass expensive? When you consider the alternative, yes, frosted glass is expensive. Generally, you’ll have to pay somewhere in the region of $1500 for a frosted glass window (depending on size, shape, and quality). Frosted window film, however, is far cheaper to apply. 

Of course, when having your windows altered with frosted film, you are always better off hiring professionals to ensure a quality installation. This is essential for ensuring that the adhesive tape sticks properly, without any air bubbles, and is fit to last. 

What’s the difference between frosted film and frosted glass?

Aside from the obvious, frosted film and frosted glass both serve the same function in a commercial and residential space; privacy, security, and decoration. 

Both frosted film and windows prevent people from seeing inside your building and outside. Both are highly effective at protecting sensitive information from onlookers and would-be thieves who would like to see what level of equipment you have in your office space. 

  • Cost: it’s much cheaper to have your home or commercial property fitted with frosted window film than it is to have the windows replaced with frosted glass. 
  • Quality: a decent frosted window film with a professional installation can easily mimic the level of quality that genuine frosted windows provide. In fact, unless you get up close to your window to inspect, you wouldn’t know the difference. 
  • Installation & lead time: if your project is time sensitive, a frosted window film application will be much faster and easier to arrange than a new window replacement. Even a single window pane removal requires a number of steps before and after – whereas the application of frosted window film is a very smooth and straightforward process when handled by seasoned professionals. 

Is window frosting permanent?

The only real difference between frosted glass and window frosting is the fact that frosted window film is not permanent. If, for whatever reason you decide that you would like to reverse the process, the frosted window film can be removed with the right tools – thus restoring your windows to their original form.  

How long does frosted window film last? 

Of course, if window frosting isn’t permanent, how long does it last? Is it something that you will have to regularly replace? Is it easily damaged? 

The good news is that you can easily get a solid 20 years out of your frosted window film. That said, the conditions have to be right. Not only should you have your window film installed by certified professionals so as to ensure the highest possible quality, but you must take care of your windows as well. 

Other factors that can influence longevity is your local climate and the direction in which your windows are facing. Even then, you can still get a very, very long time out of a quality frosted window film installation. 

Final words 

All in all, you are far better off investing in frosted window film than you are replacing your windows entirely. It’s faster, cheaper, and can be reversed in the event that anything changes. This is particularly important in an office environment. Sure, you aren’t likely ever going to need to swap out the frosted window in your bathroom for a clear window pane, however, you never know when you might need to re-optimise your office layout. Thus, being able to remove the frosted window film will enable you to repurpose the space without any unnecessary complications. 

If this is something that you are interested in exploring further – whether at home or in the office – you are far better off hiring professionals to make light work of the project. Locate an established company like SolarGraph Glass Tinting in Sydney and you can have your windows fitted with privacy frosting in no time!