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What are the common problems of poor ventilation? How can I improve my ventilation naturally? What are other air ventilation solutions?
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What are the common problems of poor ventilation? How can I improve my ventilation naturally? What are other air ventilation solutions?

Jan 8, 2023

We all know how important it is to have a good supply of fresh air; to fill our lungs with oxygen safe in the knowledge that what we are breathing is not overly polluted or stale. While you may think that the air in your home is fresh enough, poor ventilation can have serious repercussions in your living space over time.

Here we will take a look at some of these issues that can arise and the best ways that you can combat them for a healthier and happier home environment today.

What are the common problems of poor ventilation?

What are the common problems of poor ventilation

Poor ventilation can lead to numerous issues, some of them harmful and even dangerous for both you and your property. Here are some of the most important problems that you should be aware of when your home is not properly ventilated:

  • Low oxygen levels – in severe cases where no fresh air can circulate, CO2 can build up in the air and you can struggle to get the correct levels of oxygen leading to shortness of breath, tiredness and many other issues.
  • Condensation – one of the most common signs of poor ventilation is an excess of condensation. Moisture in the air can build up, and when the temperature drops during the night dampness will then form on your walls and surfaces throughout your house. This can immediately cause problems like peeling wallpaper and warped wood but can have serious long-term effects as well.
  • Mould – one of the effects of dampness can be the forming of black mould. As well as being unsightly and something that you don’t want to see in your home, mould can also cause all kinds of health problems including allergies, breathing issues and colds.
  • Odours – damp and other smells like smoke, grease and drains can linger when poor ventilation means the air cannot be diluted, and they have nowhere else to go. This can have a big impact on your peace of mind and well-being when you are in your home. Bad smells that don’t go away aren’t just annoying, they can make living where you are unpleasant and even unbearable.

Between these problems and so many others, poor ventilation isn’t something that can just be swept under the rug. For your health to the structural integrity of your house, getting the right home ventilation system is essential

How can I improve my ventilation naturally?

How can I improve my ventilation naturally

Natural ventilation is the flow of air between the outside and inside of your property that occurs through organic means. Generally, pressure differences created by the wind, and temperature variances, are the means by which natural ventilation occurs.

The simplest and best way to naturally improve the ventilation in your home is by opening windows and doors throughout the building. This will allow fresh outdoor air to circulate. There can be downsides, however, if you live in an area with particularly high pollution, or if you are trying to keep out especially humid, hot or cold air.

Another way houses historically used natural ventilation is through a number of grills, gaps and holes in the structure of the building. Many homes in hot places like parts of Asia will still build their houses in specific ways meant to encourage airflow, with high ceilings to let the hot air rise and open window plans to let in a fresh breeze.

Even normal houses that were built a few decades ago have plenty of cracks and crevices that air can pass through allowing natural ventilation to occur. Now, with the focus in the last few years being so heavily on energy conservation and how to keep houses at the right temperature cheaply, this is no longer the case.

Houses are built ‘sealed’, which is to say that the former ways that natural ventilation could happen are no longer open and available. This is wonderful for preventing heat from escaping, but not so good if you are reliant on fresh and healthier air.

You now have to actively work to get natural ventilation, by opening routes for air to pass through yourself or go for a superior system from a high-quality company like Vent Pro to guarantee that the air in your house is correctly ventilated. 

What are other air ventilation solutions?

What are other air ventilation solutions

There are many excellent ventilation options, varying depending on your specific needs and the kind of space you wish to ventilate. There are options that simply circulate air, while others use heat exchange to warm up the cold air that is coming in using the old warmer air that is being pushed out.

Some systems are solely focused on getting fresh air in, through a roof vent, air conditioning unit or other solution, while others push pollutants and stale air out. In both cases this creates an imbalance where the opposite air rushes out, or in, to correct this.

Arguably the best and most thorough systems are those that balance the two. Combining exhaust fans in areas that are more likely to require them, like the bathroom and kitchen, with fans that drive airflow inside can encourage the best kind of ventilation. You will get fresh air in, and moisture and other pollutants out.

You can also have a higher degree of control over your ventilation using a balanced system like this than if you rely on natural ventilation or one of the other options mentioned above. A superior company can customize your system to suit your needs, and allow you access to alter and tweak it until it is working perfectly, just the way you want it.

If you are unsure which kind of ventilation system is for you, be sure to ask an expert company like Vent Pro for their recommendations before you buy.

Final thoughts 

Air ventilation conditioning system in the installation under construction new house

The seriousness of some of the issues that can arise with poor ventilation cannot be overstated, so if you spot mould, notice lingering smells or are generally unsure if your home is getting the ventilation it needs, make sure to consult a professional right away.

Natural ventilation can work well, but many homes will need a proper ventilation system to meet their needs and keep you and your family healthy and living in the perfect environment.