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6 Ways to Choose Face Make up for Mature Dark Skin
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6 Ways to Choose Face Make up for Mature Dark Skin

Oct 30, 2017

Each colour of the skin must have different makeup colours. How about the dark skin colour?

Wearing face makeup must have become a mandatory routine for women before leaving the house and live their activities.

If you have a bright skin, it will certainly be easier to choose the appropriate makeup because the skin is bright and suitable to match any kind of makeup.

But, what if you have dark skin colour? Choosing to make up for dark skin is quite tricky. If it is wrong, your makeup may make the skin look duller, pale or even too much.

For those of you who have dark skin tone, do not worry, here is a simple step to choose makeup for tanned skin, so that your face tone can be more radiated.

Do not make the wrong choice of face makeup that does not match your skin colour, ladies!

1. Choosing a Foundation

When you choose a foundation, try it first on the neck and select the three most suitable colours with your skin colour. You can try it outdoors to get natural lighting and see the results.

When you wear foundation at home, attach a combination of white and yellow lights to get the right lighting. Thus, you can easily make sure whether the makeup being used is too thick or not.

2. Avoid Matte Products

Matte products are suitable for you who have oily skin type. However, a product that is too matte can make a dark skin face becomes duller. If your skin is oily, apply an oil-free moisturiser before you start dressing up. Thus, your skin will look more radiant.

3. Select a Translucent Powder

To keep the foundation, of course, all you need is powder. If you are the owner of dark-coloured skin, choose a translucent type powder, as this will make your makeup look fresher and brighter.

4. Use Primary Before Applying Eyeshadow

For dark skin colour, any kind of eyeshadow can be used as needed and taste. However, do not forget to apply the primer to your eyelids before applying the eyeshadow to make the colour look brighter and real.

5. Peach Colored Blush On

The use of blush on will make your face shine more radiant, ladies. For those with dark coloured skin, use peach blush on or pink colour.

These two colours will make your face look fresher. Avoid brown and nude colours, because your skin will look duller.

6. Plum and Pink Colored Lipstick

The makeup will not be perfect without lipstick! If you like the look of dark lipstick, choose plum colours that tend to be dark, but it can make your appearance elegant and charming. Meanwhile, if you like bright colours, you can use cool pink lipstick.

Well, it’s not hard to choose makeup for tanned skins, right? Good luck, ladies!