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Fun Ideas for 50th Birthday Party, Decorations and Themes for Men and Women
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Fun Ideas for 50th Birthday Party, Decorations and Themes for Men and Women

Jul 9, 2021

Some say that fifty is the new twenty. Certainly, energy levels aren’t going to be quite the same as they used to, but few people know how to party quite as well as someone who has been around for five decades! And what a milestone to celebrate! Sure, many people panic as they approach the big FIVE-O, worrying that their best years are behind them. However, the truth is, most people enjoy some of their best years and create their fondest memories in the latter part of their life. Which is why, today, we are going to share some fun ideas for 50th birthday parties, decorations, and themes, for both men and women.


Great 50th birthday ideas for fun

First of all, what could be more fun than having all of your friends, family, and favourite people gathered around you on your birthday? Particularly one that marks a long life with plenty of road left still to go.

So, what are some 50th birthday party ideas that are fun?

  • Go out for brunch with your favourites
  • Rock out with a backyard BBQ
  • Enjoy some wine tasting (after all, you are proper classy!)
  • Explore a tasting menu at that fancy restaurant you always liked the look of
  • Splash out on a private chef to cook up a storm
  • Try a 50’s themed birthday party (and by that we mean doo-wop and diner food, not socks and sandals).
  • Take a class – Always wanted to try cooking Mexican food? Learn from the best
  • Plan a thrilling murder mystery evening (who doesn’t love a bit of role play?)
  • Treat yourself to a spa day

Best ideas for 50th birthday for a man

Men are simple creatures who don’t need a lot in life to be happy. Good food, beer, and a loving family and partner tend to do the trick. So, how does that help when it comes to planning a 50th birthday for a man?

  • A day at the races – action, excitement, gambling, and a good excuse to get all dressed up
  • Arrange a games night
  • Book to stay in a castle or somewhere equally unique and exciting
  • Take him to a comedy show (it’s always a good laugh)
  • Throw a casino party (again, another excuse to don the ol’ suit and tie)


50th birthday party themes for dad

So your old man’s 50th birthday is coming up and you need some inspiration? We may have some exciting party theme ideas for you.

  • Book a fishing charter (how often does he get to go, really?)
  • Hit the town for a few beers so he can relive his hay-day and share some stories
  • Arrange a beach BBQ (whether permitting)
  • Take a ride in a hot air balloon (not ideal if he has a fear of heights)
  • Take a tour of a museum (if he is into that kinda thing)
  • Arrange a party at home, spoil him rotten, and cook him his favourite food / order a takeaway
  • Get him a tattoo! (Assuming that he doesn’t hate tattoos and/or isn’t afraid of needles)
  • Arrange a bowling night (every day loves to show off his skills at bowling)

50th birthday decorations ideas for him

This may be a generalisation here, but most men aren’t overly fussed about decorations. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t arrange any, however, you don’t need to stress to much about this (unless they are the detail orientated type—in which case, go nuts).

The important thing, is to pick a theme and roll with it. The sophisticated gentleman / dad’s still got it vibe is always a good look.

If you get stuck with this and don’t know which way to go with it, you can always hire a party planner’s services to assist you with their expertise.

Best ideas for 50th birthday for a woman

When it comes to a 50th birthday, particularly for women, it can at times be a bit of a touchy subject. Some ladies certainly embrace the big FIVE-O with open arms, however for others, it can be upsetting. Know your audience!

  • Wine tasting is always a good shout
  • A spa day can never be a bad thing (who doesn’t like being pampered, right?
  • A tasting session at her favourite restaurant
  • Arrange a long weekend away
  • Take an art class or something similar that might pique her interest
  • How about a relaxing yoga retreat? (with the option to drink plenty of alcohol if the vegan smoothies don’t appeal)

50th birthday party themes for mom

Nobody knows your mom quite as well as you do. So, ask yourself: what would she want to do most on her birthday? Is she always hard at work and rarely gets time to herself? Is she dreading her 50th birthday or is she excited about aging gracefully (or disgracefully, rather)? Know your audience and figure it out. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Hit the town for a night of music and dancing (middle-aged means nothing)
  • Throw a ‘favourite things’ party (in other words, build a theme around the things that your dead ol’ mother loves the most)
  • Go gallery hopping (stopping for wine in between)
  • Take her to a show! (ballet, opera, a musical, some theatre; anything!)’
  • Throw a golden bash that is all about her, her achievements, and what makes her so special to you all


50th birthday decorations ideas for her

When it comes to her 50th birthday, you might want to go easy on the giant 5-0 balloons and decorations plastered all over the place. She doesn’t need reminding. However, some tasteful and fancy decorations may remind her that she has a lot of road left and how she gets to enjoy being all wise and sophisticated.

50th birthday party entertainment

When it comes to a 50th birthday party’s entertainment, there are so many options you can choose from:

  • Hire a comedian
  • Live cover band
  • An acoustic act
  • A DJ (for the forever-young type)
  • Fire dancers
  • Casino themed
  • Murder mystery
  • Escape rooms
  • 50’s still entertainment (i.e., an Elvis impersonator)
  • And so much more!

If you aren’t quite sure which way to go and you are starting to feel the pressure, we recommend giving google a search and look at the reviews of a party planning professional so they can help give you some direction. Planning a 50th birthday party can be stressful, so there’s no shame in hiring the experts to help you put on an absolute blinder of a show!